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Referencing tools

Even though most Australian universities and TAFEs use an Australian version of the Harvard referencing style, as new types of sources have been invented, considerable variations in formatting style have developed between educational institutions. It is best to use the guides or tools specifically recommended by your lecturer, and to use them consistently.

Below are some useful referencing tools that your lecturer may permit you to use to help you create a citation. Note that none of these tools apply a Harvard style in exactly the same way.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word includes a built in citation generator. You fill in a form to enter the details of each source you use, and when you have completed your assignment the tool can automatically generate a reference list.

Screen capture of Microsoft Word citation tool

This tool generates quite differently formatted end-text citations, so if you are permitted to reference this way, ensure you use this tool consistently. The following support page from Microsoft provides step-by-step instructions: Add a citation and create a bibliography

Roadmap to Referencing

UniSA has developed the Roadmap to Referencing webpage that can be used with the Harvard-UniSA referencing style. The UniSA referencing style is one of the most similar Harvard styles to that of TAFE SA. This can be a good site to check if you are using a source that you are having difficulty obtaining a referencing example for. 

TAFE NSW Library Services

TAFE NSW has developed a tool that allows you to fill in a form and automatically generate an appropriately formatted citation. The site includes citation generators for only the most common source types, however the TAFE NSW Harvard referencing style is another that is particularly similar to the style used at TAFE SA. (formerly called RefMe) is a free online referencing tool that can also be used as a Microsoft Word or Chrome add-on. The Harvard-AGPS (Australia) referencing style used here is quite similar to the style used by TAFE SA, so you can either use it consistently (with your lecturer's approval), or use the citations as your starting point to copy into your assignment and edit later. Note that networked computers at TAFE SA campuses will generally prevent you from downloading add-ons.


The Melbourne Polytechnic Library has developed ERNI, an easy to use website that uses drop-down menus to help you narrow down resource types and find a variety of referencing examples.


EndNote is a commercial software product which will generate citations in over 6000 referencing styles. It can also be used to store and share the documents you are using as sources. It is now being used by many Australian universities. For more information, visit the EndNote website. TAFE SA students can purchase EndNote at a discounted rate via the TAFE SA WebStore.