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Cyber safety

The Internet has become one of our central environments for work, study and entertainment.  It does have its risks - you've probably heard of cyber bullying, viruses, phishing, identity theft, catfishing etc. - but there are some basic steps you can take to try and avoid these.  Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe online:

  • Use passwords that are not obvious or easily guessed (e.g. not your name or your pet's name, password or 1234)
  • Change your passwords periodically
  • Try and create different passwords for different sites rather than using the same one for everything. 
    • One way of keeping your passwords secure is to use a password manager, which is a tool that can manage your logins and generate fresh ones that are harder for hackers to penetrate. There are many available, the two most common systems are LastPass for a cloud solution, and KeePass for an offline solution. Lastpass offers premium trial version for 30 days which continues as a free basic service even if you don't purchase a premium subscription. KeePass is always free with no cost.
  • Never allow others to use your personal account
  • Log off at the end of each session to ensure that nobody else can use your account
  • Promptly inform your lecturer, library staff or other TAFE SA staff member if you suspect you have received a message that is inappropriate, or you suspect you have a computer virus
  • Promptly exit an inappropriate website should you accidentally access such a site

If you feel uncomfortable with a message you have received whilst studying at TAFE, speak with your lecturer or another TAFE SA staff member about it.  If you would prefer to make your complaint in writing, use the Feedback form on this TAFE SA Feedback or Complaint page.  

Did you know the Australian Government has an eSafety Commissioner?  You can find much more information on cyber safety at their website here.

Another very useful site is the Australian Cyber Security Centre which discusses current threats such as common spam and phishing emails, impersonation scams etc., and provides up-to-date information about how to protect yourself.