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Create a mind map

To draw a mind map, follow these steps:

1. Write the title of the subject you're exploring in the centre of the page, and draw a circle around it.

bubble 1

2. As you come across major subdivisions or subheadings of the topic (or important facts that relate to the subject) draw lines out from this circle. Label these lines with these subdivisions or subheadings.

bubble 2

3. As you "burrow" into the subject and uncover another level of information (further subheadings, or individual facts) belonging to the subheadings above, draw these as lines linked to the subheading lines.

bubble 3

Here is a finished one that someone else prepared!  Notice how colour and images help to create meaning.

mind map



Mind maps can be drawn by hand. There are also easy to use, free software programs that can help you create a mind map.

For more information about mind maps, go to the TAFE SA library guide on Mind mapping

In the video below, learn more about why mind mapping is so effective from the inventor of the process, Tony Buzan: