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Introduction to mind mapping

mind map is a diagram which can summarise the main points of your assignment in a very clear, visual way.

A mind map can help you 
organise your thoughts, especially in the early stages of your assignments. As you think of ideas, and jot them down on your mind map, you will discover relationships and links in the things you want to write about.

senses mindmapSource

A mind map can help you decide which aspects are more important than others and help direct your research. It can also give you a plan for your whole assignment, in an easy to understand diagram.

Mind maps are useful for:

  • brainstorming - individually, and as a group
  • summarising information, and note taking
  • consolidating information from different research sources
  • thinking through complex problems
  • presenting information in a format that shows the overall structure of your subject
  • studying and memorising information.

Mind mapping is also called concept mapping and cognitive mapping.