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Examples - newspaper articles

When using a newspaper article, you will find most of the bibliographic information you'll need on the page where the article is found.

To create an end-text reference in the Harvard style for a newspaper article, we need to follow the following formatting:

The Harvard end-text reference for this article will be:

Debelle, P 2017, 'Cancer patients risk dosing deaths with archaic chemo scripts', The Advertiser, 16 December, p. 5.

The in-text reference will look like this:

(Debelle 2017, p. 5) 



  • The author's name is generally found at either the beginning or the end of the article.
  • If no author is given, list the name of the newspaper first.
    e.g. The Advertiser 2017, 'Cancer patients risk dosing deaths with archaic chemo scripts', 16 December, p. 5.
  • The date will usually appear at the top or bottom of the page. If not, it will always appear on the cover near the banner.
  • Also include any issue details after the date.
    e.g. vol. 28, no. 3
    e.g. Spring edn