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Self-paced tutorials on research and study skills for TAFE SA students

Record your sources

You need to record your sources so that you can provide references for your assignment.

Providing a reference is like putting together a puzzle.

You need all the right pieces.

title author page nos.

Start by making headings for the item you have in front of you.

  1. Type of work, i.e. magazine article, DVD, book etc.
  2. Author
  3. Title
  4. Publication details
  5. Subjects
  6. Main ideas
  7. My comments


Type: Journal (magazine)
Author: Smith, James
Title: Changing the odds: a study of corporate principles and practices in addressing global warming
Journal details: Journal of Environmental Studies. 2012. Vol 33, Issue 2. pgs 115-144.
Subjects: Social responsibility of business
Global warming
Social impact assessment
Main ideas: Looked at management practices in responsible environmental practices - Survey measured priority given to green practices.
My comments: Also refer to role of Labor Government in carbon legislation
Quotes: "the purpose of the carbon tax legislation..." pg. 20


How do I reference my information? will show you how to create a reference citation for your source using the information that you have just recorded.