My Information Skills

Self-paced tutorials on research and study skills for TAFE SA students


Not sure how to start working on your assignments?  Or just need extra help?  This self-paced guide will help you.  This is what it contains:

  • Before you go online
    ​Shows you how to:
    • Keep yourself safe from online risks
    • Use netiquette to behave appropriately online
  • How do I find information?
    Shows you how to:
    • Develop a search strategy
    • Search the TAFE SA library catalogue
    • Search other library catalogues
    • Search online databases
    • Search the Internet

  • How reliable is my information?
    Shows you how to:
    • Evaluate print resources
    • Evaluate websites and other online sources
    • Understand and recognise a peer reviewed journal
  • How do I present my information?
    Shows you how to:
    • Choose a suitable way to present your information
    • Improve your writing
    • Write an essay
    • Write a report
    • Give an oral presentation
  • How do I reference my information?
    Shows you how to:
    • Understand basic referencing principles
    • Avoid plagiarism​
    • Find bibliographic data
    • Use Harvard (author-date) style for different types of sources, with examples

You can work through My Information Skills step-by-step, or just jump to the specific information you need via the menu.

If you find you need one-on-one support, try the Study Skills Advisors, available on campus and online during term times. It provides individualised tutoring and guidance to TAFE SA students.  You can find out more here.

The Library Starter Kit will show you how to make the best use of library services at TAFE SA.