Library Starter Kit

A how-to guide to TAFE SA library services
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Borrowing, returning & renewing

How many items can I borrow?
Up to 15 

How long for?
Most items can be borrowed for 28 days, but some are limited to 7 or 14 days (it will tell you on the library catalogue or on the items themselves).

Can I borrow items from any TAFE library? 
Yes. As a TAFE SA student, you can borrow items from any of our campus libraries.  If you find an item on the catalogue located at another campus, you can reserve it and ask for it to be sent to the campus of your choice for you to pick up (it doesn't have to be the one you study at). This guide will tell you more.  You can also return your items to any TAFE SA campus. 

How can I extend my loans?
Login to your library account to view your current loans and renew them if you'd like to have them longer. You don't have to bring the books to the library to do this.  You can renew a loan unless the item is already overdue, or another borrower has reserved the item.  You can renew an item twice.